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I’m a Life Coach

“It’s easy to start loving your life”

My name is Nicole DiCroce. I’m a board-certified holistic practitioner as well as a certified intuitive strategist teaching on the Ars Essentia Coaching Platform. I am fully committed to making a positive impact on others’ lives through coaching and motivation. My services are personalized to meet each client’s unique needs and goals.

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I’m a Vegetarian LifeCoach

“It’s easy to start loving what you eat”

My name is Rose Spencer. I`m a life & success coach, as well as a certified vegan lifestyle coach. I dedicated all my time to creating a lasting difference in the lives of other people which is why I`m committed to coaching and inspiring others, and my services are tailored to the individual needs and desires of my clients.

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Christine’s passion for life inspires those around her to embrace there fullest potential and aliveness. She is a compassionate healer, wicked space holder and incredible coach. I absolutely love all of the teachings of the five erotic blue prints. This is Magick everyone should have the privilege to learn about. Both my husband and I thank her greatly as this work has transformed our sex life. I am grateful not only for the knowledge she has passed, but that she empowered me to listen to my own somatic body wisdom. This woman is a force of nature and she embodies everything she offers. She is not afraid to look at the shadows. Her vast skill set and background in somatic trauma work sets her apart as a sexual empowerment coach. I always felt safe and held.

Sonja Melina

Sonja Melina


“I recently completed the 3 Month Health and Wellness Program. I highly recommend working with this team! They are professional, knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate. Guys, you are the best! Thank you so much.




“When I accepted a month long plant-based eating challenge after attending last November, I immediately felt excited and overwhelmed. As someone who loves to cook and try new recipes. Thank you.

Darlene Stinson

Darlene Stinson

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