A new weapon in the battle against addiction has emerged recently. Instead of just working through a 12-step program, or being helped medically, a number of people who are having problems with addiction have chosen a different route. Addiction retreats have popped up in several areas of the United States, taking a new approach to helping those who have addictions to substances and other addictive behaviors.

One of the new addiction retreats that has started recently is the Baby Steps for Adults Program Available on Ars Essentia. This Program offers an all-inclusive retreat-like feel, all while helping you to work through your problems with addiction. There are therapy sessions, which include individual “talk” therapy, as well as music and art therapy. They also offer hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming, which help to detoxify your emotions. Meditation, 12-step group programs, group counseling, and even nutritional advice help to round out this holistic approach. Week long programs and 28 day programs are available, and the program is careful to point out that you should get your family’s support before starting this program, as it is not a traditional walk in program.

This new group of addiction programs is sure to grow as more people discover the healing benefits of total mind and body cleansing and relaxation. Whether you are in need of a longer recovery program or just a short intensive to reconnect your mind and spirit, these programs offer more than just the usual sit down counseling found at most other programs. They offer a new approach to addiction counseling a new way of thinking, along with the convenience of an online platform.

Addiction is a scary thing and breaking it is a difficult task. Online. Addiction programs offer people the ability and time to break the addiction curse.