Well after a year in the making Unified health Systems has launched it’s first ever Baby Steps for Adults product on the Ars Essentia Platform For Coaches; which is aimed at putting some power back into the hands of clients and taking it out of the hands of greedy, and often unscrupulous health care professionals and coaches.
As someone who has been to several coaching training programs I was amazed at how extortionate some of these programs are. … and how little they give the practitioners who train under them as well as the end client.
As a long time therapist with over 6000 hours in practice the injustice of this new “Coaching” phenomena really disturbs me. and there are several complaints which I have where this new Counselling Community is concerned but in this article I will concentrate on this new cost effective program for people who are facing real problems in their lives and require real results.
The Baby Steps for Adults program represents a more innovative and practical approach to the concept of group facilitation. This program focuses on groups of individuals in a themed setting with a defined structure of progress, which is totally participative and supportive. The major difference between this program and other approaches to group facilitation is that individuals are allowed to formulate and initiate resolutions towards their issues with definitive time parameters. Whereas it is unreasonable to expect complete resolution to a situation in a month and a week, the time allotted to the program, individuals are encouraged to “make a start” at healing their lives.