Surrendering into whatever is going on in your life is an acquired skill that will be tested over and over again in our lives.  Life happens, it’s hard and we need to support ourselves in ways to help get us through the struggle.  Letting go and surrendering into the present moment will alleviate the sense of panic and frenzy that so often gets attached to hardship.  When we open up our awareness to the bigger picture, the divinity that guides everything, it allows us to give up our persecution of control.  When we loosen our grip on what we think we have control over, life becomes easier to navigate.  Our struggle, regardless of what it is seems more manageable.  This is a personal favorite.

  • Fully HD Compliant
  • Beautiful Vocals From Juliette Karaman
  • Supra and Subliminal Frequency infused
  • Scales to any device (Pc, Laptop, Mobile)
  • Downloadable MP4
  • Meditation Length 22 Minutes